Event: Ugwu-001

Event: Ugwu-001

A residency presentation by Amanda Iheme

In conclusion of her 8-week-long residency, 2023 G.A.S. Fellow, Amanda Iheme, hosted Ugwu-001, a residency retrospective lecture on her research and experiences throughout her time at G.A.S. Drawing from the Igbo word "Ugwu," meaning "Dignity," this event divulged the core of Amanda's study focus during this period, which is rooted in a rigorous examination of Nigeria's affordable housing crisis.


The architecture photographer dedicated her residency to studying Nigerian tropical modernism based on the lived realities within contemporary "affordable" Nigerian housing. Her research confronts the paradox of architectural innovation amidst pervasive undignified living conditions, providing a critical analysis of the socio-economic factors contributing to this dichotomy. This presentation offered a scholarly exploration of Amanda's findings, encompassing her theoretical insights into the current state of Nigerian housing. By bridging visual art and architectural theory, Amanda's work on this project invites her audience to interrogate and challenge conventional perspectives, advocating systemic reform and dignified living environments for all Nigerians.






Event Details

Date: May 30, 2024

Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: G.A.S. Foundation, 9b, Hakeem Dickson Drive, off TF Kuboye Road, Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria


About Amanda Iheme

Amanda Iheme is an architecture photographer living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. Her works are focused on documenting and preserving Nigeria’s architectural heritage and the celebration of its design, history, and culture. Amanda Iheme has been featured in articles for Aesthetica, ArtDaily and ARTnews. The most recent article is Lagos, Glimpsed from Seven Vantages written for The New Yorker in September 2023. Her work has been exhibited in group shows around the world including Museum of Modern Art - New Photography (2023), SMO Contemporary - Dis Lagos Life (2020), ArtX Lagos Curated Projects (2019) - This is Lagos, Lagos Photo Festival - Time Has Gone (2018), Tiwan Tiwa (2018).

She has published her images in The Irin Journal - The Lagos Issue (2019) and The World of Interiors,  (April 2022).

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