Artist in Focus 2021: Ayanfe Olarinde

Artist in Focus 2021: Ayanfe Olarinde

Event date: December 6, 2021 - December 18, 2021 Export event

We're excited to introduce our final Guest Projects Digital 2021 Artist in Focus Ayanfe Olarinde, a visual artist who uses scribble art and photography to create intricately detailed and multi-layered images. Her work explores and drives conversation around self-image, identity, social reality and mental health while probing popular culture and the inefficiencies of the government in contemporary society. Drawing from imperfections in her personal, continuous journey for acceptance, Olarinde’s engagement with the scribbling technique serves as a way to interrogate emotion while also exploring fluidity in form.

Guest Projects Digital 2021 is generously supported by the British Council SSA Arts Digital Catalyst Fund in collaboration with G.A.S. Foundation, the International Curators Forum and Foundation of Contemporary Art Ghana.

Aynafe Olarinde's Artist in Focus showcase will run from 9th August until 21st August 2021 across our website and social channels.


Unapologetically, Stephen 2020

Mixed media, acrylic, ink and canvas on fabric.

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